A brand lives in what people can see and read. Sublimio creates and develops new brands, as well as updating existing ones.
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Designing the logo is usually one of the first communication needs of a company. Sublimio creates logos for brandsproducts or product rangesfranchising networks and apps, respecting a “family feeling” for all logos of a same company.
visual identity identità visiva


This defines the visual universe that will identify the brand: graphic elements, typography, color palette, photographic style, application on different materials. Visual identity is an essential element of branding because it constitutes the emotional component of the brand and becomes a reference for all future materials.
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Sublimio designs and produces the essential communication assets to convey the brand content: brochures, slideshows, ebooks. Sublimio can develop both the design and the content.
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Sublimio develops the brand look in the essential elements of the corporate identity such as business cards, letterhead, staff uniform, store signage.
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Naming a brand is one of the most delicate moments, because it largely defines how it will be perceived by people. Sublimio creates names for new brands as well as products and events. Sublimio also creates payoffs that sum up the brand promise.
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Sublimio can work on existing brands, updating their identity with a rebranding. This can become necessary because of the natural “aging” of the brand, of a change in context or of the decision to expand to new markets. Sublimio will start with a context analysis, offering various options of redesign for the logo, visual identity and payoff, while safeguarding – if necessary – the brand recognizability.

Sublimio is a branding and strategy boutique agency. We help brands focus their vision and aim for more.