Brand Strategy

In order to give every project the right start, Sublimio offers services of strategic consulting, ranging from brand analysis to user experience.

benchmark e vision strategia del brand


Benchmark & Vision guide is one of the first documents you will need: it includes an analysis of the competitors’ communication and a context assessment (market, cultural trends), to offer a broad view of current opportunities.

brand positioning posizionamento strategico del brand


By listening to the client’s needs, Sublimio defines the core brand values and subsequently the brand positioning. This document is essential both as a starting point for new brands and as a focusing tool for existing brands that never underwent a deeper analysis.
brand tone of voice tono di voce branding


The Tone of Voice guide is derived from the positioning and defines the way the brand will “speak” on its channels. It’s a very operative brand strategy document, meant to enable anyone to create consistent content for the brand.

customer experience esperienza cliente cx branding strategy


In order to ensure a consistent brand experience for the customer, the Customer Experience Design document defines the tools and modalities the brand will use to communicate across all major touchpoints: from first contact to customer care.

Sublimio is a branding and strategy boutique agency. We help brands focus their vision and aim for more.