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How to Create a Powerful Brand’s About Us Page

You have your website concept ready, and you are working hard on the content. Chances are the About Us page is not on top of your list. Here is why you might want to give it more attention.

A brand’s About Us page is present on almost every brand’s website. Maybe this is also the reason many brands tend to give it a pretty standard treatment. Just grab whatever copy you have about the company, right?

This approach is actually the waste of a good opportunity.

Why is the About Us page so important for your brand?

It’s no secret that the About Us page is one of the most visited pages on every website.

While the homepage might serve the purpose of exciting and impressing your visitors, the About Us page is where they look for guidance about what your company does and how it does it. You might say it has a function of grounding and reassurance.

Ultimately, the About Us page helps build trust and reduce uncertainty: it’s no wonder how improved About Us pages have been found to increase conversion rates.

The About Us page also gives the visitor a first idea of the brand, of what it stands for and how it’s differentiated.

Your About Us Page Should Respect Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

A very common mistake when writing the About Us page is to think about it as purely corporate content: as a result, this page often drops the brand’s tone of voice, opting for a more factual one.

What this tells the user is that the company and the brand are two different things: one is real, the other is just a facade.

You should be the first not to believe this: the company and the brand are tightly intertwined, which is why you should respect your brand’s tone of voice on your About Us Page, too.

If you are a jolly and easygoing ice cream brand, you might want to avoid sounding like a CFO when you describe your company.

Make Your Brand’s About Us Page About Your Customer, Too

This might be counterintuitive: after all it’s called “About Us” and not “About You”, right? The risk, though, is to turn this page into a totally self-referential piece of content that will not really interest your reader.

In explaining what you do, you will want to highlight the core driver of your business, and this always has to do with your customers.

Their needs are at the root of what you do and you should make it explicit when presenting your business.

team brand about us page

Photo by Natalie Pedigo on Unsplash

Use Your About Us Page to Address Key Questions About the Brand

We know there is a FAQ section for this. And yet, the About Us page needs to answer the most pressing questions about your business nature and reliability.

This doesn’t mean you should structure it as a Q&A: instead, try to understand what are the most common doubts that might arise about your business and make sure the copy will cover those points.

Make Your About Us Page Tell your Brand’s Story

Yes, the word “storytelling” is overused. Nonetheless, structuring your About Us page like a story will vastly help you not just capture your reader’s interest but also build credibility for your brand.

In this age of “storyless” brands that purely exist as digital, conversion-optimizing entities, having a real, believable story will make all the difference (just check Oatly’s example to get an idea).

nesea team portraits

nesea team portraits

Put People On Your About Us Page (But Not As Props)

The About Us page is usually the place where you will find a neat gallery of staff photos. This is undoubtedly useful to establish credibility, show the human side of the business, highlight diversity and sometimes even just flex the sheer size of the company.

Be careful, though, not to just use people as props. Make sure every person that appears on the page is at least identified by name and role. Even better, give them a quote or a backstory. Show you care!

Time To Write Your About Us Page

It’s now clear that your About Us Page deserves quite a lot of attention. It’s not (just) about getting it formally right, but about seeing it as a communication tool.

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