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How is a campaign born?
How do you develop a tone of voice?
What are the most interesting channels and how should you use them?

Where to start to build your personal branding

Turning yourself into a brand scares most people, especially because it’s hard to figure out how to differentiate oneself. And yet the answer might be easier than you think.


How to set your communication strategy if you have a “boring” brand

Not all brands are Nike or Burger King. But this doesn’t mean you should just put up with being “boring”. Just the opposite: it’s always possible to be interesting, as long as you have the right communication strategy.


What brands should learn from gaming culture

Once considered a niche phenomenon, gaming is today the driving force in the world of entertainment, but most of all a culture that unites billions of people. And one that brands should watch carefully.


Is your brand truly ready for the Italian market?

If you are thinking of expanding your business to the Italian market, make sure your brand can match the expectations and mindset of the locals.


The brand touchpoints your strategy shouldn’t overlook

The experience a client has of a brand is the result of many concurring elements. We often focus on only some of these, missing some precious opportunities.


How to get a brand naming right and survive

Naming a brand might be one of the most exciting journeys, but also one of the most distressing. Some advice to avoid it going downhill.