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How can a brand evolve?
How do you build a strong brand?
Why do some brands flourish while others fail?

Can You Turn a Business Around With Branding?

65% of businesses fail within 10 years, proof that it’s not easy to turn a business around. Could branding be an untapped resource to traverse treacherous waters?


What’s Included in a Brand Identity Package?

As you set up your brand or refresh an existing one, the brand identity package is a crucial part of the work. But do you really know what you are expected to find inside?


How to Nail Your Brand’s About Us Page

The humble About Us page is sometimes overlooked in favor of the flashy homepage. But this corner of the website is far from useless. Here’s how you can make it work.


What the Best Branding Agencies Do Right

What do the best branding agencies have in common? Not necessarily their style or approach, of course, but a set of values that delivers outstanding work.


6 Luxury Branding Dos and Don’ts

Luxury branding is – in a sense – a league of its own, with its own dos and don’ts. The luxury audience has very precise expectations, and you’d better not break them.


Can you expand a small business with branding?

If you are looking to expand a small business, you have several ways to do that. Maybe you haven’t been thinking about branding, though. We explain why it might actually help your efforts.