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5 Useful Personal Branding Examples from our Portfolio
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5 Useful Personal Branding Examples From Our Portfolio

Personal branding is a very delicate matter, as it deals with a person, not just with a business. These five personal branding examples from Sublimio’s portfolio will give you an idea of what it’s all about.

Do you really need personal branding? Before deciding, you might want to see some real-life personal branding examples that don’t involve celebrities. In other words, you might want to understand whether regular people, with a real-world occupation, can benefit from a more refined personal image.

The five personal branding examples that follow come from Sublimio’s archives: all of them involve normal people with great talent, that needed to stand out in crowded and competitive industries.

Personal Branding Example #1: Tiziano Mario Castelli, photographer and videomaker

When Tiziano asked Sublimio to create his personal brand, he was a very young and talented still-life photographer, already working for top-notch brands like Bulgari. It’s easy to overlook your personal branding in the early stages of your career, but it’s actually a good way to capitalize on what you do: even personal brands need time to build.

For Tiziano, Sublimio devised a simple identity, centered on his initials: a contemporary monogram, containing subtle references to the world of photography. The letter “C” incorporates a “T” that recalls a shutter release cable and an “M” that is a reference to a roll of film.

Having such a discreet symbol allowed Tiziano to brand his work without looking overconfident (which could prove a boomerang given his age).

Personal Branding for Photographer luxury still life jewels Bulgaria Tiziano Mario Castelli

Personal branding for still life photographer and videomaker Tiziano Mario Castelli

Personal Branding Example #2: Sandra Lovisco, make-up artist

For Sandra Lovisco, hair and make-up artist, personal branding was a matter of survival in tough industries where the image is crucial like fashion and advertising.

In other words, she had to become a luxury brand herself to be credible. This led to the development of a rich and layered brand identity, designed with special attention to digital media.

You could mistake Sandra Lovisco for a fashion designer, and that’s entirely intentional: by adopting a common language and style, we made her the perfect fit for her clients.

Personal Branding examples Sandra Lovisco logo website high end brand

Brand identity for hair and make up stylist Sandra Lovisco

It’s easy to overlook your personal branding in the early stages of your career.

Personal Branding Example #3: Joe Barbieri, songwriter

Developing the personal brand for an artist is a very sensitive assignment: in the case of Joe Barbieri, a sophisticated Italian songwriter, we had to visually translate his musical aesthetic: a fusion of world music, jazz, and traditional italian songwriting.

The identity was designed to convey his simple yet elegant style, making use of a rugged handwritten font and textured materials, with special attention to applications specific to his world, such as record sleeves.

Personal Branding for Joe Barbieri finest elegance logo design

Personal branding for Italian songwriter Joe Barbieri

Personal Branding Example #4: Gabriele Fogli, fashion photographer

This personal branding example comes from another photographer. In this case, a fashion photographer: Gabriele Fogli. As Gabriele had to stand out in an international market, his image needed to be captivating.

We combined a mysterious visual identity with a confident and provocative tone of voice, without overdoing it. The simple monogram was designed to become a stylish pattern on all materials.

Personal Branding examples for Gabriele Fogli fashion premium makeup

Personal branding for Gabriele Fogli, fashion photographer

Personal Branding Example #5: Emanuele Saladino, creative & copywriter

This last personal branding example was developed for another creative, a copywriter. With agencies worldwide having to deal with a global crisis, Emanuele had to find the right angle to make himself an interesting hire.

By looking deeper into his creative style, we developed the positioning “agile creative”: a smart, hybrid figure that might respond to the ever-changing needs of creative departments. In visual terms, this was expressed through a dynamic logo, with a blinking cursor as a reference to the copywriter’s “blank page”.

This positioning was supported by an entertaining and confident tone of voice, that made the light website and the letterpress business card especially memorable.

Personal Branding for Emanuele Saladino

Personal brand identity for copywriter Emanuele Saladino

Takeaway: is personal branding for you?

As these personal branding examples show, a brand for an individual doesn’t necessarily need to be rich or complex.

Part of your personal image will live through your voice, words and actions. What the brand does is creating interest, helping you form a first impression, quickly conveying your fundamental values.

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